Nuts of Wheels High Strength Aeronautical Aluminum

SYPracing begins in the design and development of special nuts for wheel fixing in High Strength Aeronautical Aluminum

  • Machined in Aluminum, used in aerospace applications.
  • Thanks to its design and strength of the material allows the use of impact guns for fixing and disassembly.
  • Reduced weight (40% less than original nuts).
  • Designed for fixing with a 19mm glass.
  • Length of the nut 51mm.
  • Threaded entry with guide for easy assembly.
  • Knurled on the outside for easy installation of the same manually.
  • Chemical anodized bath to prevent deterioration.

Initial Colors: Red, Blue, Black, Gold, Purple and Green

Right now we have a lid in process to apply it to the nut with our logo, thus avoiding the internal deterioration of the thread, the asparagus and the nut.

The kit of 16, 20 or 24 nuts is supplied with its nut and corresponding anti-theft cup.

Below you can see a small gallery in which we announce the new product: